Who are we? ABC stands for Attics Basements and Crawl Spaces and we are a Mold Removal Company on a mission: For over 15 years we've been dedicated to helping you not only remove and clean up mold, but also finding the root cause that needs corrected as well.

Besides being specialists, we believe quality of service is the best advertisement, so each customer is treated professionally. It's always our priority to remediate every project in a timely manner, getting you back to your daily lives QUICKLY without adding more to an already stressful situation.

Please Note: Your privacy is a major concern to us. We DO NOT advertise our logo, or  services on our vehicles in any way. We get asked this quite often because of privacy reasons amongst your neighbors. We understand most people don't want all the neighbors to know you have a mold removal company at your house.

Mold is common in attics, basements and crawl spaces and most people never even know they have it until trained home inspectors look for it when homeowners go to sell their home.  Rest Assured knowing we won't show up with any banners on our vehicles like some of our so-called competition.

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